Priorité Hotline: 0800 88 11 12
servicePlus: Experience

Moving service 

Moving house? We'll take care of it – on time, seamlessly. One call to our Priorité Hotline is all it takes – you'll have a personal point of contact who will coordinate everything in your new home from start to finish. That means phone, Internet and TV. The Priorité agent will be there to support you throughout the entire moving process.

Call-back service

Your time is too valuable to waste. If our hotline staff are busy, you don't have to hold the line. One touch of a button is all it takes to request an immediate callback from the next available Priorité agent.

Appointment reservation 

You can book an appointment for a consultation in the participating Swisscom Shop of your choice by calling the Priorité Hotline. We'll make sure that a consultant is on hand at the requested time. You can also book your personal Swisscom Shop consultation here

Pick-up and delivery service

Do you have a defective device but no time to take it into a Swisscom Shop? No problem! Call the Priorité Hotline and we'll come to collect it. We can also drop off a replacement device on request.

Become part of Priorité's history

For 10 years now, we have been committed to offering you the best possible service with Priorité. These 10 exciting and eventful years have, together, given rise to a single story made up of the experiences of each and every one of our customers. A story that you, too, are a part of. We'd now like to capture this for posterity in what is perhaps the closest thing to a memory: a short film. Because only our customers can truly embody Priorité in an authentic way. We're therefore looking for three people to share their personal Priorité experiences with us and tell us what makes Priorité so special in their eyes. We want to hear about their favourite memories, whether they're uplifting, funny or totally unique. The brief portraits will be published here later.

Tell us your own personal Priorité highlight. We'll invite you to our film studio in Zurich and reward you with a credit note worth CHF 200. Enter now! The three participants will be drawn at random.

After this informative and eventful day, you can return home and impress your own guests with your new confectionery and patisserie skills.

Try your luck!

Registration for the portrait film 

Participation deadline expired.

servicePlus: more than just a promise

This column shows you what 'even better service' means to us. Going the extra mile, always finding a solution. Just for you. This not only makes our customers happy, it also makes our team even more motivated. Georg Schmid explains how it works in practice.


No call queueing, just immediate assistance 

For Georg Schmid, the Priorité customer service team is always the first port of call if one of his devices doesn't work. The hotline never leaves him waiting and always provides friendly, expert advice.

'Unlike the youth of today, I didn't grow up with the internet, smartphones or other gadgets. If something stops working, I switch it off and back on again. That usually helps. But now and then that's not enough, so I call the Priorité Hotline. Someone will answer straight away and attend to my needs in a friendly way, or they will transfer me to the right person.

This personal helpline for Priorité customers saves me a lot of time – time that I would otherwise be spending in a call queue. Although the advisers only know me from talking on the phone, they always put me at ease and take me seriously, even if I'm calling about something minor. That's what I call professional service.'