Priorité Hotline: 0800 88 11 12
servicePlus: Experience

Moving service 

Moving house? We'll take care of it ? on time, seamlessly. One call to our Priorité Hotline is all it takes ? you'll have a personal point of contact who will coordinate everything in your new home from start to finish. That means phone, Internet and TV. The Priorité agent will be there to support you throughout the entire moving process.

A new device every year

Priorité customers can expect a very special bonus: with the Priorité Hotline, you can receive a new smartphone at a special price in the current Priorité year instead of every 24 months.*

Call-back service

Your time is too valuable to waste. If our hotline staff are busy, you don?t have to hold the line. One touch of a button is all it takes to request an immediate callback from the next available Priorité agent.

Appointment reservation 

You can book an appointment for a consultation in the participating Swisscom Shop of your choice by calling the Priorité Hotline. We'll make sure that a consultant is on hand at the requested time. You can also book your personal Swisscom Shop consultation at or through the Swisscom Customer Center.

Pick-up and delivery service

Do you have a defective device but no time to take it into a Swisscom Shop? No problem. Call the Priorité Hotline and we'll come to collect it. We can also drop off a replacement device on request.

* This offer is only valid if you have not received a reminder notice in recent months.

servicePlus: more than just a promise

This new column shows you what ‘even better service’ means to us. Going the extra mile, always finding a solution. Just for you. This not only makes our customers happy, it also makes our team even more motivated. Carmen Lüthi explains how it works in practice. One of her personal experiences as an employee shows exactly what Priorité is all about.


Priorité servicePlus:
Going the extra mile 

‘Last February, I was able to help a Priorité customer in a way that she never expected. The experience also ended with a real highlight for me personally.

It was a freezing Tuesday in February when I received a call from a customer. She sounded slightly nervous. Three of her analogue connections were being switched to the new Swisscom inOne home package at the same time – two in German-speaking Switzerland and one in Ticino. But something had gone wrong and the connection in Ticino was down. She and her husband would be arriving back at their home in Ticino on Thursday and would need to use the internet urgently, she told me. Time was of the essence, so we needed to find a quick solution.

I analysed the problem and suggested visiting the customer myself at their home on Thursday evening. I wanted to make sure in person that everything was in full working order again. She agreed, of course, and I drove straight there after work. I was given a warm welcome by the hopeful customer. It didn’t take long to fix the problem. I installed the router right away and managed to re-establish the connection in no time with the help of a technical service colleague – much to the delight of the customer, who greatly appreciated me going the extra mile. It also gave me a feeling of great personal satisfaction.

The customer’s kind words and the look of relief on her face will stay with me for a long time. Experiences like this always spur me on to give my all. Mission servicePlus accomplished!’

Carmen Lüthi, Priorité Hotline