Priorité Hotline: 0800 88 11 12
servicePlus: Security

Additional SIM card
One number for two phones. 

With a second activated SIM card, the Duocard, you can use two phones sharing the same number. For example, one phone for in your car and one for in the office. The Duocard is free of charge, but you pay a monthly fee of CHF 10 for use of the service.

Temporary device in case of fault

Defective smartphone? Don’t worry. Just go to a Swisscom Shop in Switzerland on any working day and you can get a free replacement device to use while your old one is being repaired.

Free replacement and extra SIM 

SIM card defective or lost? We’ll get you a replacement straight away. For your security, the old card will be blocked immediately. And we can also send you the new one by post, if you like. We’ll even include a backup card, which can be activated at a later date. If you lose your SIM card while abroad, you can block it by calling the Priorité Hotline. We will then activate your backup card as soon as possible so you’re all hooked up again.
With a second activated SIM card, the multidevice, you can use two telephones with one number – perhaps one in the car and one in the office. The multidevice is free of charge, and the service fee is just CHF 10* per month.

* This service is free with inOne XL and inOne L subscriptions.