Priorité Hotline: 0800 88 11 12
SIM services Thanks to our comprehensive services, you're always connected.

Always stay connected.

Replacement SIM – quick and free of charge 

We ensure that your lost or faulty SIM is replaced quickly and free of charge. For your own security, your old SIM will be blocked immediately. On request, your new SIM will be sent to you by post.

Reserve SIM – ideal for emergencies 

We also provide you with a free reserve SIM which has not been activated. Should your SIM get lost or experience a fault when you're abroad, you can block the SIM via the Priorité Hotline. Your reserve SIM will be activated in no time at all, meaning you can be contacted again immediately.

Additional SIM – one number for two phones 

With a second activated SIM – the duo SIM – you can use two phones sharing the same number. For example, one phone for in your car and one for in the office. The duo SIM is free of charge, but you pay a monthly fee of CHF 10 for use of the service.